Scene 1: TARDIS Edit

Doctor: So, where too now!

Vex: Is there like, a law?

Doctor: A law?

Vex: Yes, like, only 2000 years in the past, don't do this or that, be back by 10!

Doctor: Yes there was. Then she died.

Vex: Who?

Doctor: The law inforcer. Known by humans as Mum! (winks, TARDIS FLIES OFF)

scene 2: CapelocaEdit

Doctor: Capeloca? Is it really? It is just a waste ground.

Vex: A PLANET? A REAL ALIEN PLANET! Why is so...waste ground like?

Doctor: Don't know. (a stauri appears)

Stuari: What are you doing out in the open! You will die! Come to the trenches down here!

Scene 3: Trenches Edit

Thuuldin: Chiznek, who are these people?

Chiznek: They where on the battlefield.

Thuuldin: What's your names?

Doctor: I am the doctor and this is Vex.

Thuuldin: The Doctor? You must fight for us!

Doctor: Against who?

Thuuldin: The Cybermen.

Doctor: No, i can't.

Thuuldin: You will let 7.5 billion children people die!

Doctor: Yes,

Thuuldin: Why?

Doctor: It needs to happen.

Vex: So there is rules.

Doctor: No, it will shape the future. If i intervene. then... well spoilers! ooh, i liked that.

Thuuldin: We have the right to know!

Doctor: Capeloca will turn into a certin kind of planet if not! So, if you don't mind, i don't wish to help.

(After a few hours)

Chiznek: I think what ever will happen, must be bad.

Thuuldin: He is lying, to save his own flesh.

Chiznek: I don't think he is.

Thuuldin: Shut up! I know everything you stupid puny pieace of muck!

Chiznek: What's got into you!


Chiznek: Fine, i will leave.

Bristax: This is your last chance. the cybermen have invaded the north side, Cape's city!

Thuuldin: Doctor, HELP US NOW!

Doctor: NO!

(Grab's Vex)

Thuuldin: Fine, this earthling will be a peace offering then! (dissapear)

Doctor: Chiznek, please help me!

Chiznek: Yes, i will. I have located him at, CAPE CITY!

Cape city, soon to be Cybs City Edit

Cyberman: Stauri located.

Thuuldin: I come here in peace! I have a peace offering.


  • Cyberman takes here then shoots Thuuldin.

Cybeman: You will be a slave, you will build Cyberman City

She sees people, dead, being carried out Edit



  • Falls over*
  • Carried out*

Doctor: There she is hide!

(Cybermen dump her and leave)

Doctor: VEX? VEX? Please VEX!

Vex: Hello, i did that to escape. Sorry Thuuldin is dead.

Chiznek: GREAT! He was really evil inside.

Doctor: We should go back to the trench.

Trench Edit

Doctor: We should go.

Chiznek: But, all us stuaries will die.

Doctor: You can come with us.

Chiznek: Ok! (Leave in ships) Bristax: The cybermen have gone!!!

Ilemik: Wait, the doctor said they can't leave or else.

Bristax: Oh no!

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